Home Education and Numbers Pulled from Nowhere: The Separatist Loto

9th December 2020

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Regardless of the life choices concerning home educated children we must, now more than ever, save the soldier Macron from any political setback.

Defamation, defamation and still there’s more.

Yesterday in Le Monde, Castex said, “In French law, the principal is compulsory schooling, a principal with assorted exceptions”. The Prime Minister is lying. Correction: “In French law, education is obligatory, not school”. A lie hammered out by the ministers still leaves a trace. During legislation, partial and one sided visions mount up and in the end, a climate of suspicion is created. This is known as ‘a priori’. Home education cannot avoid this mechanism. Since 1998 and Ségolène Royal at the Ministry of Education, the rhetoric used to stigmatise home education remains unchanged. At that time she said, “Every year, several thousand children escape the School of the Republic”. As though they were escapees, as though they were guilty of something. As if the freedom they enjoyed was not a justice they deserved. The vocabulary chosen tends towards a prison environment, which is the next step. At this time, she waved the red rag at the sectarian grip said to hold some 6000 children. That is all. La Miviludes (Mission Interministérielle de vigilance et de lutte contre les dérives sectaires) found no such trace.

In 2007, in the law on “Delinquency Prevention” proposed by a President for whom the prosecution requested 4 years imprisonment, 2 of which were suspended on the 8 December 2020, the so-called Administrative Inquiry from the Town Hall is extended to children enrolled in correspondance courses. The parallel drawn between correspondance courses and delinquency is insulting. Yet it is acceptable. This represents a mere minority within a minority.

In 2011, still at work, the government of President Sarkozy cause an uproar. They pushed for generalised registration of children from kindergarten age onward. It was to be used to identify ‘at risk’ children throughout their education. In face of the tumult it provoked, the bill was abandoned. A certain J-M Blanquer was the inspiration behind it.

With the Exception of 5000 Children…

Today, therefore, following the insulting shortcut in the Mureaux speech which moves from separatism to banning home education, as though a logical consequence to eradicate an evil, a new number is born, with this text is before the Council of Ministers. There are claimed to be 5000 children affected by cases of Radical Islamism. This figure is plucked from nowhere since the Conseil d’Ètat warned the government of the disproportion of the proposed law, the weakness of the Impact Study and especially the unconstitutional nature of such a liberticide measure. So the language elements propose 5000 children. Is that 5000 children in state school or 5000 in home education? It is a lot and creates a stir and is precise when we change the number of home education registered children, which goes from 50,000 in October to 62,000 in December 2020. It is surprising that before the Senate Enquiry Commission in June, J-M Blanquer under oath, said that radicalisation cases concerning home education were “exceptional”. Not a careless statement as the same was said in the Vademecum on the subject. Who to believe? The minister who is in the grip of a scandal with his ministry said to have created a fake union and used the apparatus of the state for partisan purposes. The judicial future will tell the tale. But for our children it matters little to us to be historically correct, we claim freedom as the immediate rule. Like Clémenceau, one of the most ardent defenders of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, who fought injustice draped in the reason of the state, we affirm: “If there were ever a conflict between the Republic and freedom, the Republic would be in the wrong”. Was the Tiger a separatist?

Les Enfants D’Abord, équipe média media@lesenfantsdabord.org 


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An Authoritarian System of Authorisation to Replace a Democratic Freedom

BRUT 4th December 2020

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For Macron to keep his head held high, the government are working on a system of authorisation to corral home education.

The parliamentarian writing the law appreciate this.

It’s almost Sarkozy. News is diffused, a law is made. Or rather, when deal with an exception, we change the rule. In this manner the head of state pulled the same scenario out of his hat on Friday during a live broadcast on the BRUT news channel (at 1hr 05mins). He speaks of little girls veiled from head to toe, educated collectively, while being home education registered. We are asked to take his word on the matter and specifically believe his comments that the current legal regulations on home education would be incapable of handling such a situation. The republic is in danger and legislation urgently required.

Except that this is untrue.

Children registered as home educated are among the most regulated in France. Firstly they are subject to a double registration each year; with both the local town hall and also the Education Department. Then there are assessments of their progression at least once every year. Not to forget that it is strictly forbidden for families having chosen this mode of education to form groups to educate their children. These are called de facto schools. This act is prohibited by article L131-5 of the Education Code and punishable by the Penal Code article 441-7 with a one year prison term and a 15,000 € fine.

Blanquer to the Rescue.

Obviously the way to combat separatism is not through banning home education. This is a smoke screen created to convince public opinion that the government have a strong grip when dealing with terrorism. In passing, a doubt is insinuated over Muslims and Islamic Extremists, in order to feed right wing voters. On the political field collateral damage does not matter, a mere 25,000 minors affected even without counting the phantoms of the republic. The government does not care.

The opinion of the Conseil d’État on the bill to combat separatism remained very discrete on Thursday evening to the extent of fleeing during the week and warning the government of the ineptitude of this prohibitive measure. The Conseil d’État will give their final opinion on Monday the 7th of December 2020. Then we shall see whether the Conseil d’État is still a guarantor of our institutions. The foot soldier Blanquer, Doctor of Constitutional Law, who has known from the beginning that the proposed measure is unconstitutional, was call upon during the 16 hour deliberation at the Palais Royal, to save the day for Emmanuel Macron. To try to avoid a major political setback. Macron himself said that Blanquer: “He has been (working) with the Conseil d’Ètat and will continue with the parliamentarians”. His task is to “anticipate the real exceptions which correspond to the situations which people are living”. With a miserly hand, he will reinvent educational freedom.

The Inspectors of the Academy Against this Project

In any case, he will need to be inspired, as the arguments to defend this freedom which, according to Blanquer are based “on a strong constitutional foundation”, 58 mins, find the unexpected support of the Inspectors of the Academy. The revue du syndicat fine tooth comb the measure declared by Macron from pages 7-10 in the best possible way. Inspectors of the Academy who could not have been suspected of being pro home education, invite the president to show proof of subtlety and reflection. And to avoid the amalgamation of home educating families and radicalisation. The Human Rights League could not have said it better. This unwavering guardian of fundamental freedoms, spoke out clearly in favour of educational freedom of choice. If the madness of banning home education passed the vote of parliamentarians from both chambers, without referral to the Constitutional Council, the Human Rights League, reserves the right, as do we, to call on that noble institution. Even if it means offending Macron’s certitude.

Les Enfants D’Abord,

équipe média media@lesenfantsdabord.org

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Illegal Refusal of Home Education The Purely Academic Fake News

Published the 3 décembre 2020 by Actions politiques

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The project of law to ban home education in France has not yet been presented to the ‘Conseil des Ministres’ and families are already having their declaration to home educate refused. Almost as though the freedom of home education is already subject to a system of authorisation.

In Calvados there is no need to be burdened by the Education Code in order to deny families who declare their wish to educate their children beyond a school structure. Rather an almost acrobatic interpretation of the law is made. Thus the services of the National Department of Education are already proposing a recommendation which would necessitate a declaration being made at the beginning of the school year in order to better refuse a declaration dating from November. Firstly this circulaire of the 26th of December 2011 was repealed on the 10th April 2017. Secondly, a circular is never more than a memo which is not intended to be binding for the population but rather for the employees of the administration. It is meant to explain a law to them, not rewrite one. It simply does not have this power.

Specifically the article cited from the Education Code 131-5, speaks for itself. The double declaration of the town hall and the National Education Department are “formalities which should be carried out within eight days following any change of residence or choice of education”. End of drum roll.

This drift or rather shift is worrying to say the least. What is hidden behind this zealous fever of the departmental services of the National Education Department which seeks to obstruct home education? The desire to please the president, who decreed the end of freedom of educational choice? Should this be seen as a widespread practice of using the apparatus of the state for partisan purposes as in the article of the Liberation denouncing the creation of a false union to aid the reforms of Minister Blanquer (Education Minister). https://www.liberation.fr/france/2020/11/20/magouille_1806308).

Lost at Every Level

The totem of ‘School for All’ stirs even Mélenchon who in October declared: “I am hostile to home education. Teaching should occur in school. There is one complex case, not very widespread, that is known as ‘School Phobia’ which poses a question.” School Phobia or School Refusal indeed concerns only between 2% and 5% of school attendance age and who are treated for this malaise. This amounts to between 240,000 and 600,000 children. A mere handful.

Added to or combined with the 700,000 children victims of bullying https://www.observatoire-sante.fr/harcelement-scolaire-chiffres-causes-et-consequences/. A beautiful Republican success.

Therefore since the school of the republic exists everything should be sacrificed for it and a blank check signed on the mental health of our children. We are not resigned to this, we who have chosen to accept responsibility of the education of our children in a setting which respects their rhythm, their interests and personality. This freedom seems to frighten those who dream of controlling and assessing individuals up until the age of apprenticeship. We will be the rebellious ones if need be. We are already the rebels of the republic marching in line.

The End of the Old World

Why so much distance between the complex thought of Macron and that of a man who claims to be the republic in his own right. Are the public schools aflame? If you believe the survey, https://www.franceinter.fr/societe/professeurs-et-parents-d-eleves-jugent-severement-l-action-de-jean-michel-blanquer-selon-un-sondage, parents judge Blanquer’s way of dealing with the health crisis very harshly. As a matter of fact, many of them have chosen to home educate from the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. Other parents, unable to bear having their children forced to spend their days masked, made the same choice with advent of the second period of confinement. This explains the decision, as spectaculaire as it was disproportionate, to ban home education in 2021. Remember it is not yet law!

The signs of this mass movement are numerous: the Vademecum (a document explaining home education regulations) of the National Education Department, in the flurry of the presidential declaration of the 2nd of October, already stated that home education was no longer possible, before quietly erasing the error from this document during an update in November.

Are the ‘Old School’ afraid of the ‘Start-Up’ of home education? Home education is, until proven otherwise, an elective choice. Aiming to reduce it to a system of authorisation is not only preemptory but totally illegal. When declaring the choice of home education, the role of the Director of the Academy of the National Education Department is simply to take note. And also to provide us with a receipt.

Les Enfants D’Abord www.lesenfantsdabord.org

équipe média media@lesenfantsdabord.org 

équipe internationale contact-international@lesenfantsdabord.org

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Macron spalle al muro

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Press Release Le Parisien 28.11.20

Sarà il capo dell’Élysée in grado di superare “il muro dell”educazione parentale”?, titola Le Parisien di giovedi. Il Conseil d’État (Consiglio di Stato, ndt) ha appena cortesemente indicato il rischio che la legge sia dichiarata inconstituzionale. Se Macron s’intestardisce, poterebbe spaccarsi i denti.ttps://www.leparisien.fr/politique/le-mur-de-l-ecole-a-la-maison-26-11-2020-8410724.php

LA LIBERTA della stampa é un alleato prezioso della libertà educativa in questi giorni. Dopo averci informato in merito alla genesi della legge contro i separatismi, quando Macron ha deciso di mettere al bando l’educazione parentale(https://www.leparisien.fr/politique/separatisme-l-histoire-tourmentee-d-un-projet-de-loi-brulant-19-11-2020-8409223.php), é ormai nei retroscena del Conseil d’État che il giornale parigino si é infiltrato per informare i suoi lettori dei dibattiti tra i giuristi di questa nobile istituzione. Senza sorpresa, i primi dibattiti riprendono gli argomenti che abbiamo sviluppato dall’inizio di questa crisi. La differenza é che emanano da un’istituzione che si trova al di sopra del progetto di legge che il governo si prepara a presentare in parlamento. La costituzionalità del divieto in questione é messa in dubbio. Un eufemismo, sapendo che lo stesso Jean-Michel Blanquer (Ministro dell’Educazione, ndt), dottore in diritto costituzionale, affermava a giugno devanti al Senato che l’educazione parentale é basata su un potente principio costituzionale. Curiosamente, dopo qualche uscita mediatica in cui il Ministro dell’Educazione affermava che il divieto dell’educazione parentale sarebbe stato un progesso per i diritti del fanciullo, il «  Daron noir  »  (letteralmente “genitore nero” ndt)(https://www.liberation.fr/france/2020/11/20/magouille_1806308) del’Éducation Nationale si é fatto discreto. Estratto: “In altre parole, lo Stato, Rue de Grenelle (leggi il Ministero dell’Educazione, ndt) o le amministrazioni decentralizzaté sono state messe al servizio di una strumentalizzazione di parte”. Da ieri, é il turno di Darmanin (Ministro dell’Interno, ndt) di essere fragilizzato dallo scandalo delle violenze delle forze dell’ordine. Resta Schiappa…

Per il Conseil d’État, la valutazione dell’impatto é insufficiente.

Lunedi LED’A é stata accolta dai consiglieri del Ministro delegato della Cittadinanza (con LAIA, i corsi PI et l’associazione Créer son école). Al Ministero dell’Interno, i rappresentanti dell’educazione parentale sono ricevuti per buona educazione, indicando che l’abolizione dell’educazione parentale é voluta da Blanquer.

Una volta di più i rappresentanti dell’educazione parentale hanno richiesto la valutazione dell’impatto che é stato presentata al Conseil d’État. «  Chiedetelo al Ministero dell’Educazione  !  » Già fatto. Come difensori del contraddittorio, i servizi di Blanquer vogliono riservare la prima consultazione ai parlamentari… e non ai diretti interessati. I rappresentanti del popolo saranno certamente deliziati sapendo che il Consiglio di Stato giudica questa valutazione “insufficiente”. Visto che la libertà di inadeguatezza non é ancora un principio costituzionale, questo aggettivo apre una bella breccia verso la sepoltura della misura faro della legge sui separatismi. Faremo del nostro meglio perché cosi avvenga.

Siamo ad uno spartiacque. O Macron ritira discretamente la misura che riguarda l’educazione parentale dalla legge sui separatismi e ne fa portare con eleganza la responsabilità a uno dei suoi ministri, o s’isola ancora di più intestardendosi. Il rischio é quello di farsi sbugiardare dal  Conseil Constitutionnel (Consiglio Constituzionale, ndt), ma i danni saranno lo stesso considerevoli per molte famiglie. Ragion per cui bisogna, più che mai, aumentare la pressione. A questo scopo, LED’A incoraggia i suoi aderenti a fare uso della libertà di manifestazione davanti ai tribunali il 4, 5 e 6 dicembre. L’obiettivo é quello di indicare all’esecutivo che sarà in tribunale che moltiplicheremo i contenzioso per fare annullare questa legge liberticita se il potere s’intestardisce.  L’avviso del Conseil d’État, per quanto illuminante, é infatti in un primo momento solo consultativo.




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Macron Backed into a Corner

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Press Release Le Parisien 28.11.20

Will the top notch at the Élysée be able to breach “the wall of home education” was the front page of Le Parisien on Thursday. The Conseil d’État (Council of State) made a polite reminder of the risk of failing. If he stubbornly persists, he may well crash land. https://www.leparisien.fr/politique/le-mur-de-l-ecole-a-la-maison-26-11-2020-8410724.php

These days FREEDOM of the press is a precious ally for freedom of educational choice.

After having informed us of the birth of the law against separatism when Macron outright decided to ban home education in France (https://www.leparisien.fr/politique/separatisme-l-histoire-tourmentee-d-un-projet-de-loi-brulant-19-11-2020-8409223.php), the Parisian newspaper has now gone behind the scenes at the Conseil d’État to inform readers of debates between the jurists of this noble institution. Unsurprisingly the initial debates reiterate the arguments that we have been developing since the beginning of this crisis. The difference being that they emanate from an institution which is placed above the project of law that the government is preparing to submit to parliamentarians. The unconstitutional nature of such a ban on educational freedom raises questions. This is indeed an understatement when we realise that Jean-Michel Blanquer, himself a Doctor of Constitutional Law, in June of this year, proclaimed before the state senate that home education was based on a powerful constitutional principal. Curiously, after several press releases, during which the Education Minister then claimed that banning home education would be positive progress for children’s rights, the ‘Baron Noir’ of the National Education Department (https://www.liberation.fr/france/2020/11/20/magouille_1806308) has become much more discreet. “In other words, it is the state apparatus, Rue de Grenelle or in decentralised administrations, which has been put at the service of partisan instrumentalisation”. As of yesterday it is Darmanin’s turn to be weakened by police violence. Schiappa is up next…

The Impact Study is Insufficient for the Conseil d’État

On Monday at Place Beauvau, Paris, LED’A was received by advisors to the Minister delegated to citzenship (with LAIA, the cours PI and the association Créer son école). At the Ministry of the Interior, home education representatives were received out of politeness while it was indicated that the proposed ban on home education is the work of Blanquer. Clearly, if like Darmanin and Schiappa you see ‘ghosts of the republic’ don’t dial 911. Calling Ghostbusters on your Minitel terminal, would be more useful.

Once again home education representatives call for the Impact Study which was presented to the Conseil d’Ètat. “Vision with Education!”. It already exists. Defender of the contradictory, Blanquer’s department wants to reserve the first consultation of the study for parliamentarians…rather than the principal groups concerned. The people’s elected representatives will no doubt be delighted to learn that the Conseil d’État considers this study “inadequate”.

Since the freedom of inadequacy is not yet constitutional this little attribute opens a breach towards a first class abandonment of the flagship measure in the law against separatism. We will make sure of that.

We have reached a turning point. Either Macron discreetly withdraws the measure concerning home education from the law against separatism and elegantly lets one of his ministers take the heat or he isolates himself with his shoulder to the wheel. In the long term Macron risks being disowned by the Conseil d’État, but for many families the damage caused will be considerable. It is for this reason that we have to increase the pressure, more than ever. It is to this end that LED’A encourages its members to use the freedom to demonstrate in front of the courts of law throughout France the 4th, 5th and 6th of December 2020. The aim is to show the executive that if we must, it is through the courts that we will increase our contention to cancel this law against liberty.

The opinion of the Conseil d’État, however enlightening it may be, is of an advisory nature for the time being.





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Interdizione dell’Educazione Parentale: la volontà del Principe Macron

22nd November 2020

Mentre i parlamentari di tutti i partiti si mobilizzano per presevare la libertà educativa, Le Parisien ha spiegato questa settimana che l’interdizione dell’educazione parentale (Instruction en Famille – IEF, ndt) per Settembre 2021 sarebbe dovuta al capriccio di un solo uomo, Giove (leggi Macron, ndt). Nel frattempo l’ONU ammonisce la Francia sul declino delle libertà in uno stato di diritto.

Leggendo Le Parisien il 19 Novembre le famiglie che praticano l’instruzione parentale hanno compreso da dove proveniva la sparata del 2 Ottobre scorso (il 2 Ottobre é stata annunciata la volontà di vietare l’istruzione parentale, ndt), sparata che minaccia le loro scelte di vita. https://www.leparisien.fr/politique/separatisme-l-histoire-tourmentee-d-un-projet-de-loi-brulant-19-11-2020-8409223.php

Il progetto di legge é in corso, ma il presidente brancola ancora su come sarà accolto. Eppure ci ha già sorpreso in altre occasioni. Come in occasione della reunione dei ministri organizzata il 17 Settembre scorso. Jean-Michel Blanquer aveva evocato la descolarizzazione galoppante degli alunni e “proponeva di recensirli incrociando i file dell’assistenza sociale per individuare le famiglie ed effettuare controlli più mirati”. Macron lancia “Dobbiamo essere più ambiziosi. Vedete piuttosto quale sarebbero le possibilità di vietare del tutto la scolarizzazione a domicilio”. “Blanquer é rimasto a bocca aperta. Non aveva osato andare così lontano, convinto che non sarebbe stato seguito” racconda un partecipante. Per lo meno siderante.

Successivamente all’annuncio di Macron di vietare l’istruzione parentale, il 2 ottobre scorso, nel vademecum del Ministero dell’Educazione sull’istruzione parentale si leggeva “In seguito agli annunci del presidente della repubblica del 2 ottobre 2020, l’istruzione a scuola sarà resa obbligatoria per tutti dai 3 anni a partire dall’anno scolastico 2021/22. Di conseguenza l’istruzione parentale sarà strettamente limitata, specificamente per ragioni di salute.” Il Ministero di Blanquer, dottore in diritto costituzionale, non si é incombrato col processo legislativo, che vuole che una legge sia votata prima, ed in seguito promulgata, prima di essere imposta. Questa settimana, é con la discrezione del profumo di una violetta che queste linee sono state ritirate dal vademecum, infine consono al principio di separazione dei poteri. https://eduscol.education.fr/2212/l-instruction-dans-la-famille

Un acceso dibattito previsto all’Assemblea

In realtà J-M Blanquer non sembra affannarsi in difesa del progetto del suo presidente. Una tempesta si annuncia sull’Emiciclo dell’Assemblea Nazionale.

Questa settimana non meno di 80 deputati hanno risposto all’invito di Anne-Laure Blin, deputato LR (Les Repulicains) della Maine-et-Loire, che ha organizzato una videoconferenza con le associazioni che rappresentano le famiglie che praticano l’istruzione parentale. https://twitter.com/AnneLaureBlin/status/1329456631189557248/photo/4

La parlamentare ha dichiarato “Condivido la preoccupazione del governo rispetto alla lotta all’islam politico ed alla radicalizzazione ma l’istruzione parentale é il bersaglio sbagliato. Il bersaglio sono le scuole clandestine. Vietare l’istruzione parentale é un attacco alla libertà educativa”.

Visto che il governo sembra un pò troppo incline a calpestare i diritti costituzionali, un numero crescente di parlamentari sta uscendo dai ranghi. Fabien Gouttefarde, deputato LREM (La République en Marche) dell’ Eure, che ha partecipato a questa reunione https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10160639450122729&set=gm.10158526083377110 ha commentato sobriamente “L’educazione é obbligatoria, non la scuola”.

Cédric Villiani é andato più ancora più lontano. In un’intervista a L’Opinion il 19 Novembre il deputato parigino, anziano membro di La République en Marche, ha promesso “un acceso dibattito all’Assemblea sull’abolizione dell’instruzione familiare”. Villani ha anche inviato una lettera a Jean Castex il 3 Novembre e sembra ben informato sul tema dell’educazione parentale. Secondo la sua opinione, “non tutti i mezzi sono giustificati nella lotta contro il separatismo”. https://www.lopinion.fr/edition/politique/cedric-villani-tous-moyens-ne-sont-pas-bons-lutter-contre-separatisme-229610

Le Nazioni Unite rimproverano la Francia

Da quando il governo francese ha rischiesto ai giornalisti di registrarsi alla prefettura per esercitare la libertà di stampa, le Nazioni Unite hanno ricordato al paese dei Diritti umani… I diritti umani. Allertata dalla Human Rights League, l’ONU ha richiamato all’ordine la Francia a proposito della Legge sulla Sicurezza Globale che é stata dibattuta il18 Novembre all’Assemblea. https://www.ldh-france.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Rapport-Haut-commissaire-aux-droits-de-lHomme-ONU.pdf

Per essere precisi: “Il progetto di legge, che emerge nel contesto generale di lotta al terrorismo, sembra riflettere una mancanza di precisione che potrebbe minare  lo stato di diritto”. Interessante, vero?


Gérald Darmanin (Ministro dell’Interno, ndt)che vede “piccoli fantasmi della repubblica” dappertutto, ma é incapace di fornire dati che confermino il legame tra estremismo ed istruzione parentale, non avrebbe potuto esprimersi meglio ai microfoni di Europe 1, il 18 Novembre, quando ha commentato sulla libertà di espressione. Al minuto 13 esclamava, con foga libertaria: “Possiamo essere scioccati da qualcosa, ma non abbiamo il diritto di vietarla. Questa é la libertà d’espressione, e va accettata” (…) ” Bisogna capire che la Francia é il paese della libertà. Libertà, cara libertà… (…) La Francia é amata grazie a questa libertà”. Nobili sentimenti. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYfob7EPqxU

L’associazione Les Enfants D’Abord (LED’A – Prima I Bambini, ndt) e le 1275 famiglie membri che hanno scelto la libertà educativa per i loro figli aspettano i fatti, ovvero che il governo ritiri dal suo progetto di legge sul separatismo (“a rinforzo della laicità e dei pricipi repubblicani”) il capitolo che tende a vietare l’instruzione parentale. La libertà educativa non dovrebbe essere riservata a pochi individui su concessione di un’autorità. E’ una libertà costituzionale, punto.

Prohibición de la IEF : El Hecho del Príncipe Macron

Published the 22nd November 2020 by Actions Politiques

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Mientras los parlamentarios de todos bordes se movilizan para preservar la libertad de enseñar, Le Parisien nos ha aprendido esta semana que la prohibición de la instrucción familiar (IEF) al regreso a clases de 2021 sería atribuible al antojo de un hombre tan solo, Júpiter. Al mismo tiempo, la ONU sermonea Francia sobre el retroceso de las libertades en un estado conocido como de derecho.

Según Le Parisien del 19 de noviembre, las familias que practican la instrucción familiar (IEF) han comprendido de dónde venía el viento del cañonazo del 2 de octubre pasado, proyectil que amenaza a la elección de vida que habían hecho. https://www.leparisien.fr/politique/separatisme-l-histoire-tourmentee-d-un-projet-de-loi-brulant-19-11-2020-8409223.php

El plan está encarrilado, pero el presidente aún anda a tientas sobre la manera general de presentación del texto. Cuando sorprende a otras ocasiones. Como durante esa reunión con ministros organizada el 17 de septiembre pasado. Jean-Michel Blanquer evoca en ella la desescolarización galopante de los alumnos y “propone de censarlos cruzando los ficheros de ayudas sociales para identificar a las familias y mejor enfocar los exámenes de conocimientos”. Macron hace la mueca: “Debemos ser más ambiciosos. Mirad más bien cuáles serían los modos de prohibir completamente la escolarización a domicilio”. “Esto dejó a Blanquer boquiabierto. No se había atrevido a ir tan lejos, convencidísimo de que nadie le seguiría,” cuenta un participante. Asombroso por lo menos. 

Sobre la marcha del anuncio de Macron de prohibir la instrucción familiar (IEF), el 2 de octubre pasado, se encuentra en el vademécum de la EN por lo que concierne la IEF : “Después de los anuncios del Presidente de la República del 2 de octubre de 2020, la instrucción escolar  se volverá obligatoria para todos los niños a partir de 3 años desde el regreso a clases de 2021. Esto tendrá como consecuencia de estrictamente limitar la instrucción a domicilio, notablemente a los imperativos de salud.” Por cierto, losservicios de J-M Blanquer, doctor en derecho constitucional, no tienen cuenta del proceso legislativo que quiere que se vote una ley y se la promulgue antes de imponerse a todos. Esta semana, es con la discreción de un perfume de violeta que estas cuantas líneas fueron retiradas del vademécum, por fin en regla con la separación de los poderes. https://eduscol.education.fr/2212/l-instruction-dans-la-famille

Un debate fuerte prometido a la Asamblea.

Además, no se suele oír mucho a J-M Blanquer defender el diseño de su Presidente. Lo que pasa es que hace muy mal tiempo por el Hemiciclo. Esta semana, tantos como 80 diputados han contestado a la invitación de Anne-Laure Blin, diputada LR del Maine-et-Loire, que organizó una visio-conferencia con las asociaciones que representan a la instrucción familiar. https://twitter.com/AnneLaureBlin/status/1329456631189557248/photo/4

Para esta parlamentaria, “coincido con el gobierno en su preocupación de lucha contra el islam político y la radicalización, pero la IEF es una mala meta. Las metas son ‘las escuelas’ clandestinas. Prohibir la escuela a casa es atacarse a la libertad de instruir. “

Como el Gobierno parece un poco demasiado propenso a pisotear a las libertades constitucionales, numerosos diputados empiezan a salirse de la fila. Fabien Gouttefarde, diputado LREM del departamento de Eure, que ha participado a esa reunión, https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10160639450122729&set=gm.10158526083377110 declara escuetamente: “La instrucción es obligatoria, no la escuela”.

Cédric Villani va más lejos. En una entrevista al periódico L’Opinion del 19 de noviembre, el diputado de Paris, ex LREM, promete ‘un debate fuerte a la Asamblea a propósito de la supresión de la IEF”. Por cierto, mandó un correo respaldado a Jean Castex el 3 de noviembre y parece conocer las problemáticas que conducen a instruir sus niños en familia. Para él, “todos los medios no son buenos para luchar contra el separatismo”. https://www.lopinion.fr/edition/politique/cedric-villani-tous-moyens-ne-sont-pas-bons-lutter-contre-separatisme-229610

La ONU amonesta a Francia

Mientras el gobierno quería una prensa declarada en prefectura para ejercer su libertad de informar, la Organización de las Naciones Unidas hacía recordarse al País de los derechos del Hombre… los derechos del Hombre. Sometido por la Liga de los derechos del Hombre, el organismo supra nacional llamó al orden Francia a propósito de la ley de seguridad global, debatida el 18 de noviembre a la Asamblea. https://www.ldh-france.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Rapport-Haut-commissaire-aux-droits-de-lHomme-ONU.pdf

Y precisó: “Esta proposición de ley, que emerja en el contexto general de la lucha anti-terrorista, parece también reflejar una falta de precisión que sería susceptible de perjudicar al estado de derecho”. ¿Inspirante, no?

Gérald Darmanin, que vee ‘pequeños fantasmas de la Republica’ en todos lados pero que no cita a ninguna cifra entre radicalismo e instrucción en familia, no decía nada mejor en el micro de Europe 1 a propósito de la libertad de expresión el 18 de noviembre. Al minuto 13, declaró, libertario: “Tenemos el derecho de estar chocados por algo, pero no tenemos el derecho de prohibirlo. Esta liberta de expresión, hemos de aceptarla”. (…) “Hemos de entender que Francia es un país de libertades. Libertad, libertad querida. (…) Si a tanta gente le gusta a Francia es porque aman esta liberta”.  Es tan hermoso como como la Antigüedad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYfob7EPqxU

Por su lado, la asociación Les Enfants D’Abord (LED’A) y las 1275 familias miembras que hicieron la elección de la libertad de enseñamiento para sus niños esperan actos de ahora en adelante. O sea el gobierno retira de su proyecto de ley sobre el separatismo (reforzando la laicidad y los principios republicanos) la faceta que tiende a prohibir la IEF. La libertad de enseñamiento no debe estar reservada tan solo a algunos individuos, por concesión del poder. Es una libertad con valor constitucional, y se acabó.

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Home Education Ban: the work of Prince Macron

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Published the 22nd November 2020 by Actions Politiques

As parliamentarians from all sides mobilise to preserve educational freedoms, Le Parisien this week showed that the proposed ban on home education (IEF – Instruction en Familie) beginning at the start of the school year in 2021 is the work of one man, Jupiter. At the same time the United Nations preaches to France about the decline of liberty in a right wing country.

Reading the Parisien from the 19th of November, home educating families (IEF) understand where the wind in the sails of the 2nd of October announcement comes from; the charge that threatens their life choices,. https://www.leparisien.fr/politique/separatisme-l-histoire-tourmentee-d-un-projet-de-loi-brulant-19-11-2020-8409223.php

The project of law is underway but the president is still is groping around to find where the text will land.

He has surprised us on other occasions. For example during the meeting with the ministers organised on September the 17th 2020.

Jean-Michel Blanquer evoked the rampant deregistration of students from school and “suggests locating them by crossing schools roles with social aid data to identify the families in question and better target their regulation”. Macron replies: “We should be more ambitious. Let’s instead look at means to ban home education outright”. “Blanquer was astounded. He had not dared go so far, convinced he would not be followed”, said a participant. Astonishing to say the least.

In the wake of Macron’s 2nd of October 2020 announcement to ban home education (IEF), in the Vademecum of the National Education Department (a document outlining home education in France) we find:

“Following the announcement fro the President of the Republic on the 2nd of October 2020, school attendance will be obligatory for all, ages 3 years and up from the return to school in 2021. This will result in the strict limitation of home education, specifically for health requirements”.

In passing, the services of J-M Blanquer, Doctor of Constitutional Law, does not burden themselves with the legislative process which requires that a law be voted and enacted before being imposed on the population. This week, it was with the discretion of the scent of a violet that these few lines have been withdrawn from the Vademecum, realign with the separation of powers and due process. https://eduscol.education.fr/2212/l-instruction-dans-la-famille

A Lively Debate Promised at the Assemblée

We no longer hear anything from J-M Blanquer defending the designs of his president. There is a storm on the horizon of the Hémicycle of the National Assembly.

This week no fewer than 80 deputies (elected parliamentary officials) replied to the invitation of Anne-Laure Blin, LR deputy of Maine-et-Loire, who organised a video conference with the associations who represent home educating families. https://twitter.com/AnneLaureBlin/status/1329456631189557248/photo/4

This parliamentarian stated “I share the governments concern to fight the islamic politicalisation and radicalisation but home education (IEF) is the wrong target. The target is underground schools. Banning home education is an attack on educational freedom”.


Since the government seems inclined to trample constitutional rights, a number of parliamentarians are breaking rank. Fabien Gouttefarde, député LREM from the Eure, who participated in this meeting  https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10160639450122729&set=gm.10158526083377110

soberly said: “Education is compulsory, not school”.

Cédric Villiani went further. In an interview in L’Opinion on the 19th of November the parlimentary député from Paris, former LREM, promised “a lively debate at the Assembly on the subject of the banning of home education”. He also sent a substantial letter to Jean Castex on the 3rd of November and seems to understand the issues which lead to home education. For him “not all means are justified in the fight against separatism”.  https://www.lopinion.fr/edition/politique/cedric-villani-tous-moyens-ne-sont-pas-bons-lutter-contre-separatisme-229610

The United Nations Reprimand France

Since the French government wanted the press to register at the prefecture in order to exercise their freedom of press, the United Nations reminded the country which is the birthplace of human rights…what human rights are. Alerted by the Human Rights League, the international organisation called France to order on the Global Security Act which was debated on the 18th of November at the Assembly. https://www.ldh-france.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Rapport-Haut-commissaire-aux-droits-de-lHomme-ONU.pdf

To be precise: “The project of law, which emerges in the general context of the fight against terrorism, also seems to reflect a lack of precision which could undermine the rule of law”. Inspiring!

Gérald Darmanin who sees “little phantoms of the republic” everywhere but unable to provide figures connecting extremism and home education, could not have said it better into the microphone of Europe 1 on the 18th of November, concerning freedom of expression. At 13 mins he freely exclaims: “we have the right to be shocked by something but we have no right to prohibit it. This freedom of expression, must be accepted”. (…) “It has to be understood that France is a country of liberty. Liberty, liberty cherie. (…) France is so well loved because of this liberty”. Beautiful sentiment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYfob7EPqxU

The Association Les enfants D’Abord (LED’A – Children First) and the 1275 member families who chose educational freedom for their children are waiting for action. That the government withdraws from their project of law against separatism (strengthening secularism and the principals of the republic) the component which bans home education. The freedom of education should not only be reserved for the few individuals given permission from an authority. It is a constitutional right, full stop. 

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Joint Press Release

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Paris the 18th November 2020

Project to Ban Home Education (IEF) in France: an Unconstitutional Measure.

On the 2nd of October 2020, within the framework of the bill to strengthen secularism and the principals of the republic, the French president announced:

As of the return-to-school in 2021, schooling will be made compulsory for all from 3 years of age onwards. Home education will be strictly limited, specifically for health requirements”.

In France freedom of education, of which home education is a case in hand, is a constitutional right. At our request Bernard Fau, Esq., a lawyer of the Cour de Paris and member of the Conseil de l’Ordre, alerted the Conseil d’Etat (Council of State) to the unconstitutional nature of this measure.

Today we publish an interview with Bernard Fan, Esq., who explains in the video why “there is no doubt of the constitutional guarantee of the freedom of home education”. Six minutes of instructive video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H646P9L3mzg

Signataires et contacts :

L’association LED’A (Les enfants d’abord)

Contact : libertedelinstruction@lesenfantsdabord.org / +33689987526 ou +33670100140 ou +33608950100

L’association LAIA (Libres d’Apprendre et d’Instruire Autrement)

Contact : contact@laia-asso.fr / +336 99 33 89 96 ou +336 71 93 87 72 ou +336 95 95 55 26.

Le Collectif l’Ecole est la Maison (EELM)

Contact : Laurence Fournier – lecoleestlamaison@gmail.com / +336 62 92 84 70.

Le Collectif FELICIA (Fédération pour la Liberté du Choix de l’Instruction et des Apprentissages)

Contact : Denis – presse@federation-felicia.org / +336 19 10 37 88.

L’association CISE (Choisir d’instruire son enfant)

Contact : therese.pour.cise@gmail.com / +336 84 94 66 28.

L’association UNIE (Union Nationale pour l’Instruction et lEpanouissement)

Contact : Armelle – unie.association@gmail.com / +337 68 47 76 40.

1- Lire aussi notre communiqué de presse du 5 novembre 2020 : « Projet d’interdiction de l’instruction en famille (IEF) : les associations alertent le Conseil d’État » https://laia-asso.fr/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/CQPinterassos.pdf

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